Creating unique contemporary building elevations requires the consideration of three important factors: functionality,  constructibility, and aesthetics.

Generally, it's easy to arrive at a basic form of the building. It's only while  consciously articulating does the character of the facade starts to develop. Learn the principles and processes to create unique building elevations in this course.

What you'll learn

The core principles of the contemporary aesthetic.

 Adding character and uniqueness with articulation.

  Latest trends and techniques.

 How to arrive at the basic form of the building.

Selection of the appropriate materials and systems.

 6 Step by Step Case Studies to understand the process.


 Start by first exploring what a facade is and the characteristics of a good facade. Understand the core factors of design, namely functionality, constructibility, and aesthetics. Explore the principles that define what a contemporary building is.

 Next delve deep into understanding visual composition principles and techniques that will help you in arriving at the basic form of the building from the layout.

 Once the basic form is composed, move on to understand the concept of articulation, techniques of improving upon the basic form, latest trends in articulation to create a more refined and unique concept for the building.

 Build your practical understanding with an exploration of materials and material systems that are used in building exteriors. Learn how materials are selected and combined.

 Finally, learn how to add the final touches to the facade with facade decoration. Learn all this with case studies showing step by step development of the facades for 2 residential projects creating 3 unique options for each project using the techniques discussed in the course.


This course is for Interior Designers, Architects, and anyone who is generally interested in understanding how building elevations are designed. No previous knowledge, skill, or software is required to take this course. 

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The course was a very good learning experience. The examples given by the instructor helped in better understanding and the tips were very useful. Also the tests at the end of each lecture was very helpful in determining the understanding. Enjoyed learning new techniques and hope to apply these in my work place.                                                                                                         

Arundhati Bilgi

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Course Curriculum


Avail the best possible offer on simultaneous purchase of two essential training programmes– Complete Estimation and Costing and Understanding Contemporary Facade Design.  
* Certificate, Lifetime Access and all other features provided individually for each course.

Complete Estimation and Costing

Learn how to create an estimate from scratch to complete with civil, architecture, and interior works. 

Understanding Contemporary Facade Design

Understand the established principles of contemporary facade design.

aBout the educator

Ar. Vaibhav Mundra

Senior Architect

KMBD Architect and Engineers Consortium Pvt.Ltd.

When he passed out of college and came to the professional field, it surprised him how little formal education had prepared him for it. Even a relatively simple task of selecting an interior color palette required most designers to get "inspired" from the internet. Clearly, something was amiss in the education being provided in design institutes. 

 He noticed that instead of considering the fields of interior design and architecture as highly artistic fields, they should be taught of as crafts that could be honed with a guidance on the principles, precedents, and processes.

This course is a result of an in-depth inquiry into the subject matter of building elevation design. Using professional wisdom, scientific research, and case examples, a solid framework has been developed to understand the core ideas of how unique and functional building facades can be designed.


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