Master Kitchen Design Course
Master Kitchen Design Course cover

Master Kitchen Design Course

This course covers all aspects of Kitchen Design: From Planning, to Understanding the Storage Solutions, specifying Hardware fittings, and choosing the right materials to create functional and stunning Kitchens for your Clients.

Instructor: ID. Kavita Mundra

Language: Basic Hindi & English

Enrolled Learners: 721

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Please read the following instructions carefully before you start the course.

Please update your profile before you begin the course. It should have your correct name.

Login & Security:-

  • You can log into the platform from a maximum of 3 browsers, in case you want to log into your account from any other browser after this, then it can ONLY be done if you log out of any of the previous 3 browsers.
    (This has been done to prevent sharing of login credentials)

    Example: Ayush buys a Designopolis course, logs in via Google Chrome (web browser) on his phone and laptop, now he can at maximum login through Internet Explorer (web browser) on his laptop or on his phone. In case he tries to log in from fourth web browser, he will not be allowed until he LOGS OUT from any of the previous web browsers.
    (Note: If you are accessing your account via Incognito Mode of a browser, remember to log out of your account before closing the incognito window, or else it will count as 1 logged in at all times until corrected by the administrator)

Best practices:-
- Log in from a maximum of 2 web browsers.
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  • If we suspect log in into your account from many devices, your access to the course will be revoked & all certificates belonging to the account will be considered null & void. Hence, refrain from sharing your account details.
  • The contents of this course are copyright of Designopolis. Recording, downloading, sharing or replicating this content is a PUNISHABLE OFFENCE.

Asking Doubts:-

  • There is a dedicated doubt forum for each course you take. Expect your doubt to be answered within 24-48 hours. In case your doubts are not answered within the above mentioned time frame feel free to contact us.


  • The doubt forum is strictly for the purpose of asking course related questions. Any form of criticism, foul language or irrelevant content will not be entertained. In case we find such violations your access to the course may be revoked & all certificates belonging to the account will be considered null & void. (Note: Any kind of support you need must be addressed to us directly via the contact us page on the website/app and not in the discussion forum. Similarly, feedback and criticism must be addressed to us via the contact us page on the website/app)

How will I get my certificate?

Once you have completed approximately 50% of the course, you will find a Certificate Issuance form. Fill this form, and continue with the course (this will activate certificate generator). Once you have filled the form and completed 70% of the course (which is shown on the course home), your certificate will be available on the course home.

How to get a refund?

You can avail a refund within 7 days of purchase. Please note, that a refund will only be initiated if you have not completed more than 30% of the course. To ask for a refund write to us at

In case you face any kind of issue, feel free to contact us. Click here.

Thank you & happy learning to you!

Team Designopolis

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