Principles. Precedents. Processes. 

Established in 2015, Designopolis aims to create unique online courses that bridge the gap between the professional and academic fields. Learn more about our philosophy below.

Design Education:


the Problems.

Current State of the Design Profession

With an average of 22,000 architects and 1,00,000 interior designers coming into the field every year, competition is cut-throat. 

It's a known fact that most students and professionals find it absolutely difficult to find jobs/clients. It's also known by Principals and Associates of various firms that good talent is hard to find.

Reaching a minimum standard.

Increasingly, design education in India only reaches the minimum standard set by the university for the grant of a degree/diploma. 

Our analysis finds that this minimum standard is not sufficient to make students proficient enough to either land jobs or clients.

Forgotten Ancillaries.

Consider the idea that both architects and interior designers spend a major portion of their time in figuring out the details. It's an intrinsic part of their work. Although, a small fraction of time is spent on understanding details during school. 

Similarly, many important competencies and skills are left for the student/professional to figure out themselves. A practice that has not fared well for the fraternity.

The Approach:

How our  Courses are 

The Craftsman Perspective

On matters of teaching architecture and interior design, the approach taken by the establishment is that it's a form of art. Hence, there is only so much that could be explicitly "taught" to the students.

At Designopolis, we like to challenge that notion with our courses where we bring established research, professional wisdom, and current trends to the fore-front to teach better. 

A Practical Approach

We try our very best to keep away from the esoteric. Our course material is such that it respects the immediate realities of the practice.

It's not that the ideal finds no place, although the practical is given its due importance.

Creating Competent Professionals.

We're proud to say that we're not in the process of making star designers but competent professionals who know their craft well. 

Our short courses are power packed with real actionable principles, precedents, and processes to give the learner a complete overview of the subject matter.


The Results:

A case in point.

Increased Proficiency and Confidence

4500+ students and professionals  who had taken up our courses reported a positive gain in their professional confidence. 

They felt that the course helped them stand out in the crowd with the practical knowledge it imparted.

Recognised Certification

Our certification attests to your active commitment towards the advancement of your career.

Employers  favour Professionals who work towards active up-skilling. Freshers who produce Recognised Certificates have a higher chance of being hired by an employer.

Smoother Professional Practice

Aimed with the required industry relevant skills, Freshers and Professionals are better able to run successful practices. 

They report a deeper understanding of the profession and better handling of construction sites.